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La Garde-Freinet is situated in the heart of the Maures mountains, on a pass, at 365 metres above sea level.

Vue du village de la Garde-Freinet

The commune (postal code 83680) is one of the 12 communes of the “Communauté de Communes du Golfe de Saint-Tropez” and belongs to the canton Le Luc, département of the Var. Its territory counts 7664 hectares and 1896 permanent  inhabitants. Several hamlets are situated on its territory: Hameau de la Mourre, Camp de la Suyère, la Basse Court and la Haute Court, les Bas Oliviers, les Basses and les Hautes Cabrettes, les Neuf Riaux, les Plaines, les Vernades, Val d’Aubert and Vaucron. Its strong points are a preserved nature  and the possibility to hike at every season as well as animated village life all year round.