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9- Le Pont Romain

9- Le Pont Romain

Randonnée n° 9 | Télécharger la brochure

Type de randonnée :
Durée : 5-6 heures
Distance : 14 km

Unique walk to and across the plain of the Maures, a very characteristic landscape  of vineyards, pines and rather particular rose sandstone.


Interesting: the bridge, the characteristic landscape of the plain of the Maures

Départ : La Garde-Freinet Tourisme/ Parking des Teilles


From the parking des Teilles, follow the trail no. 9. It goes down the valley and comes up to the RD 558  at a place called l’Oratoire.  Cross the road and take the trail opposite. At the junction of 4 paths take to the right. After 200 m take the trail  E96 Les Maximins (gate).  At the next junction take the trail going down left. At the small building follow the trail for about 2 km until the end of the trail (gate) and follow the path along the vineyards to the right.  At the junction with the small hutt, go right then take the path at left. Follow the trail leading to the Pont Romain crossing a typical landscape of pine trees and red rocks. Near a no. 9 on a tree, leave the path and cross the rocks at left to reach the Pont Romain (it is not visible immediately).

To return to the village take the same way back.



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